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Theresa Speaks to Women's Entrepreneur Group

Theresa Speaks to Women's Entrepreneur Group
Standing Left to right Sarah Riddell, Theresa E. Taylor, H. Theresa Taylor, Judy Bradacs, Catherine McDonell, front row- Lianne Acres- Hannah, Louise Godbout, Kelly Evans, Margaret Hyland..

Theresa delivered a speech to Women Entrepreneurs of Cornwall and Area. There were 63 attendees who joined in for an evening of networking, sharing of information, and promoting their individual businesses.

Theresa's topic was "Marketing your Business". The power point presentation covered her philosophy as an Entrepreneur; "Passionate about what you do, Desire to Succeed, and Integrity". She also explored various marketing Tactics such as Word of Mouth, Networking, Media, Advertising, Communications Package, Internet , Direct Marketing , Surveys, Goodwill.

Tracy-Lynn Chisholm of Serenity Studio & Gallery commented, "I'm so inspired from what I just heard I going right to my studio from here and paint the rest of the night." Lianne Acres-Hannah said, "the energy displaced by Theresa in her presentation is motivation for all." Denise Leger, Lunch Box Diner/House of Saving realized from the topic that networking was key for people to be aware of her business.

It was evident from the note taking and question period following that it was a topic appreciated and could be utilized by the members. As expected an auctioneer couldn't just speak so part of the program was auctioning a gift basket, and tickets to Upper Canada Village. $210 was raised for the Canadian Cancer Society.

If you want to learn more about Women Entrepreneurs of Cornwall and Area check out their website at or contact the chairperson Shari Roland-Gaucher at 932-1175. WE meets monthly every 4th Thursday at the Ramada for a dinner meeting.

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