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Shuffle Up and Deal.... for the Hospital

Friday, September 30, 2005 is Poker Night! The Rotary Club of Cornwall is holding a Texas Hold'Em Charity Poker Tournament, with all proceeds going to the Our Hospital, Our Future campaign!

Theresa is organizing the event.

This is a friendly tournament for charity - players of all skill levels are welcome to sit in. There is, however, a maximum number of seats - so hurry up and get your ticket!

Although there are no cash prizes, players at the final table will win prizes donated by sponsors. In addition to this, every time a player knocks out another player, they earn a bounty chip! A bounty chip gets the player's name in a draw for several door prizes. The more bounty chips you win, the more chances you have of winning a prize!

Tickets are $50 each, or you can buy a whole table (8 tickets) and have the entire office play! Tickets are available at the Hospital Foundation Office.

For more info, including rules and tips on how to play the game, visit the tournament website:

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