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Merry Christmas!

I have been busy in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies for my friends and family, when the thought struck me - I just don't have enough flour to make cookies for all my friends!

So, in lieu of cookies, please accept my sincere wishes for a happy and safe holiday season. We've had a great year in 2005, and look forward to seeing you again next year.

So from all my staff and I, Merry Christmas!


Theresa Taylor

Left to Right, Louise Godbout, Stacey Lafave, Judy Bradacs, Christopher Kentell, Theresa E. Taylor, Judy Allinotte, Kees Van Engen, William Kirkey, Frank Sheridan, Lianne Acres-Hanna.
(Missing: Daneille Sparks, Kelly Evans and H. Theresa Taylor).

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