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Children's Christmas Fund needs your help!
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What do 400 volunteers, 14 Service clubs, $60,000.00 and 1500 boxes of cereal have in common?

It is what makes the Children's Christmas Fund Baskets a reality in our community. As the old adage states, it takes a community to raise a child; hee is another living example. On December 20th the Cornwall Armories will turn into a grocery distribution center; 1500 families will have a blessed Christmas, fixings for dinner, food for the holiday week, and toys for the children under the tree. the unemployed, the unfortunate, and the working poor - 1500 families that cannot afford to celebrate Christmas as each of us, persons, that have no means to provide a turkey dinner, through no fault of their own.

We had a meeting yesterday of the Childrens Christmas fund, we have a short fall of funds to buy milk and today we only have 750 boxes of cereal. Now it is about you, how you and me can all make a difference just like the 400 volunteers, 14 service clubs, $60,000.00 and 1500 boxes of cereal.

Farmers feed cities, communities feed families in need? Make a cheque payable to the Childrens Christmas fund today, donate a box of cereal, email this message to your friends, families and coworkers, I am counting on your help so that we don't have to turn some families away.

Yours in Rotary and the Spirit of Christmas, Theresa

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