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Theresa TaylorTheresa hosts several consignment auctions throughout the year. These auctions often feature antique and collectible items, but can also be very specific, such as car auction, or an auction devoted to a large personal collection, such as art. Consignment auctions provide an opportunity for the individual to bring their items to market in the easiest way possible, avoiding time, energy and overhead, and therefore maximize their potential sale value. People may choose to consign one item or many, their full collection or a partial estate.

Our auctions also provide an opportunity for buyers to obtain rare and unusual items at a fair price. Attendance at our auctions have steadily increased over the past 5 years.

Benefits to the Buyer
Auctions are popular because they meet the needs and wants of buyers. Here are some of main reasons why auctions have become so popular amongst buyers
  • Opportunity to get a “deal”
  • Value for money to be found in second hand goods
  • Opportunity to purchase hard to find collectibles
  • Auctions are entertainment
Benefits to the Seller
Auctioneers provide a needed service that meets the needs and wants of sellers:
  • The seller does not have access to a storefront
  • The seller does not have access to a market
  • The seller does not have marketing expertise
  • The seller does not have the resources to conduct a sale
An auction puts a time limit on the negotiations. It allows you to set a schedule for the next phase of your life and you can confidently plan when you will sell and when you will be paid.

The auction solves the problem of setting an “asking price”. If the price is too high the item will not sell. If it is too low it may sell quickly but the seller doesn’t not receive what they should. No published price means no ceiling on what you may receive, yet you are in control, you set the terms.

Benefits of being part of a larger scale auction
Many of our auctions have 400 lots, representing dozens of consignors. The model works because everybody benefits from being part of a larger event:

  • Aggressive market plan includes flyers, and local newspaper adverting. Additional advertising in national or speciality publications is purchased when warranted.
  • Profile of each auction item on our award winning web site and additional promotion on over 60 affiliated sites
  • Access to a loyal and large auctioneer "fan club", ie. regulars who show up each auction.
  • Targeted direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing
  • Professional presentation: articles are cleaned and displayed in a manner to make them desirable to the buyer.
  • We make it easier for buyers to give us bids via online or telephone absentee bids. Order of sale catalogue available on day of auction.

We are always the agent of the seller, working in your best interest. We enter into a contract, and have a listing of items consigned. Upon completion of the auction, you receive complete documentation of your transactions, accompanied with your cheque.

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