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Theresa has amassed a significant amount of knowledge over the past decade, especially as it pertains to the market value of various antiques and collectibles. She is always willing to visit with a prospective client and reviews items (without charge).

Theresa can also undertake a formal research into the value and providence of the item, which may also involve utilizing Theresa's network of professional contacts. This formal level of consultation can be done for a simple fee, or as part of an overall agreement to sell the piece by auction.

"I am always happy to look at items and help the owner determine if there is a market for the piece", says Theresa. "I typically don't charge unless there is indeed value, and only then if the owner agrees to more intense research. The real goal is to protect the owner and ensure that they get full value for their property."

Recently, a painting included in one of Theresa's auctions was pulled after Theresa recommended a professional appraiser look at it more closely. The appraiser confirmed Theresa's suspicions that the painting was indeed rare and quite valuable.

"A painting that is worth tens of thousands of dollars is auctioned and marketed differently than paintings worth a few hundreds of dollars," said Theresa. "By investing in pre-consultation and appraisal, the owner was able to maximize the sale value of the artwork."

If you would like to talk to Theresa about a consultation, please click through to the Contact Us page.

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